Open, great valve of Vakhsh,
The river of the Caspian Tiger,
Snarling in deference to an Empire,
Defiant in its pivot amongst the valleys.
Bring through a peace,
Oh great river!
A peace the likes
Of which only the
Whisper of God could render,
A peace to quell the heart
Of the raging Tigris,
Tearing from Taurus
To Lagash that kneels
Before the mighty Anzu.
That movement makes,
As with all changes,
And brings truth in the end,
At the end, in the merging
Of brine with mountain dew.
In and of that mixture
The ocean goers know
Adventure and mystery
Aware across to lands
Where only the wingéd
Have wandered in wonder.

Rumi, Persian poet, scholar and Sufi mystic, was born on this day in 1207.

Truman Capote, American novelist, short story writer, screenwriter and actor, was born today in 1924.

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