Richard Harris
I wandered, lost to thought. 
When I spotted the pond
In a nearby park it occurred to me
I should have a rest.
I wandered a bit further
And found a bench
With a view over the water.
It was fresh, that day,
The sun high in the sky,
The clouds idling through
Like meandering livestock
Grazing upon azure.
And the water was mirror smooth,
The only ripples sliding away from
The greedy, fat ducks
Squabbling over the last scraps
Of bread errantly cast by a toddler.
But I was lost.
Lost more now, as I
Meandered through my thoughts,
Turning them as if ploughing
The fields of my mind.
And they grew
And seemed more vivid, now:
My recollections.
Perhaps that is the power of reflection.
The light that glanced off those ripples,
Small prisms that express the colour within,
Extruding each hue in strings of beaded beams.
And each one got me thinking.
And each thought lost me deeper.
Until, I was the ripple sliding off
Into the recollections of another.

Jimmy Carter, American politician and 39th President of the United States, was born today in 1924.

Richard Harris, Irish actor and singer, was born on this day in 1930.

Theresa May, English politician and Prime Minister from 2016-2019, was born on this day in 1956.

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  1. Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner Avatar

    Love that last line! And thank you for the follow 🙂


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