P. G. Wodehouse
Shadows crept across his stooping face
As, in standard deference, he amassed
The remains of "just desserts",
In this case iced lemon sorbet
With crisp biscuits drizzled in cognac.

Care is carved into his face
With the deft of a sculptor's blade
As clear as his transparency,
As present as his permanence,
As gentle as the chin cleansing sweep of his hand.

As they retire for Gin and rummy,
He retires for spit and polish.
He takes to his bed until the ring of the bell
Summoning him to mop and bucket
To resolve the splattered remains of "just desserts".

P. G. Wodehouse, English author, was born today in 1881.

Cole Porter, American composer and songwriter, died on this day in 1964.

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