Oscar Wilde
That day struck me dumb,
Like the clapper of some mighty bell,
I was unable to utter another word,
My only vocalisation was silent.

I peered around the edges of my frame.
It led to the end of interaction,
The terminus of temperamental time,
Ephemeral moments encased in looks.

And hearing was abandoned,
All sounds washing over me
Without the serenity of wonder,
Not even a brushing of note.

Even worse was the rejection of sight,
Wrapping my blindness with gauze,
A halo of redundant colour
And not needed form.

Stripped and raw, sensually fleyed,
My skin became thicker
And my mind became thicker still,
With visions of doves in flight among clouds.

Oscar Wilde, Irish poet, author and playwright, was born on this day 1854.

Sean Hughes, English-born Irish stand-up comedian, write and actor, died today in 2017.

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  1. smzang says:

    You do an impressive job of capturing your subject. Ezra Pound, Bill Gates, Oscar Wilde, Janis Joplin, to name a few,
    live and breathe in your poetry.

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