If the tidal swell of human emotion
Could stop this world from turning,
It would've done so on the day
The sands of his hourglass
Drifted wholly into the deep.

The clocks would've held back their tick for him,
The moon stock still in waxing crescent ever more,
The sun, somewhere setting, somewhere rising, eternal,
The frozen waters fixed without Winter's stark hand.

All to keep that moment at bay,
To quench the powder-burn bursting,
To comfortably home the casings
Safely within their chambers,
And still the pulsing instinct of assassins
One heart beat ahead of murder.

U.S President, John F. Kennedy, is assassinated in Dallas, Texas, today in 1963.

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  1. beth says:

    beautiful and so sad. I remember that day very well even though I was very young

  2. Jim Stewart says:

    I also remember that day very well. It may be the day my education really began.

  3. exoticnita54 says:

    What a beautiful poem to remember him by…

    He will never be forgotten by mast majority

    1. Ironically, I’m a brit and was born 11 years after his death…

      1. exoticnita54 says:


        Well he was a very famous man 👨 after his death worldwide…

        So good that you can write so passionately about him..

        Without actually experiencing his life here in the states…

  4. Yetismith says:

    I will always remember that day. The first time I was really, deeply shocked, I think. I was 15. Very insightful considering you were not alive then! I am a Brit too and I actually think we were more affected than people here in the USA as, strangely, I arrived here for the first time right after the assassination. In England people seemed still shocked. In the US people were already beyond it, or so it appeared. But the I was very young….I like your words.

  5. busker boy says:

    What a powerful and moving post. Thank you for reminding us all. 😎

  6. Very nice. Thanks for the follow. Like you, I also write after work, although haven’t been for a while with too many life events going on. Keep up the poetry!

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