Dr. Crippen
Freya the Killer

Freya fell down and prayed to the light,
Revelling in the horrible sight.
She felt so pious, down of her knees,
Relishing her most murderous disease.

I hear your question, the gnawing enigma:
Who is this girl? What is her stigma?
I tell you that she's a terrible bitch
Who dumps her dead prey into a deep ditch?

She is evil and callous, dreadful and cold.
Stopping the young from getting too old.
A killer in heels and tight frilly panties
Waiting for vengeance from wild vigilantes.

Revenge from whom, I hear you all call?
Why isn't that obvious! Revenge from all!
For Freya is dead to the world and the thrill
Comes from being right there at the kill.

That's all she feels, that terrible urge
To hack with her blade, to continue the purge.
Her only desire is to wipe the slate clean
And remove all her DNA from the scene.

Although she seems sweet, behind that cute smile
Is a viscous cold killer, who kills all with style.
She slashes and rips, displaying their guts,
Slicing their gizzards with multiple cuts.

When deep in her frenzy she reaches a high
Which peaks at the death with a slithering sigh
And down, then, she tumbles, deep into depravity,
Slamming to earth with the staunch pull of gravity

She reaches her senses, is sick with the taste
Of the blood on her tongue, the vast, vile disgrace
Of cold blooded murder and the terrible waste
Of innocent life now sadly misplaced

And she cries to herself and the innermost pain
Of the wilful destruction of those she has slain
As their phantoms approach with cackling hate
It confirms all her feelings, her crazed mental state

She's lost her cold soul in the wickedest acts
On the alter of sacrifice and devilish pacts
And condemned she will fall into burning hell
And no one will miss her, and no one will tell

The story of Freya, in pain and alone,
Of Freya in life, who killed to atone
For the hurt that she carried deep down inside
Inflicted by bullies, punished and tied

For she was a victim, just like those she'd taken,
And she was down trodden, abused and forsaken,
So she killed and she butchered, she slashed and cut off,
With the dream that avengers would finish her off

Bring to conclusion her simmering anguish
And the wilful prison in which she does languish.
So onward she slices till hatred transcend
And bring her murderous life to an end.

Hawley Harvey Crippen, known as Dr. Crippen, American medical doctor and murderer, was hanged today in 1910.

Roald Dahl, English novelist, writer, screenwriter and fighter pilot, died today in 1990.

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