Ten seconds after the explosion
I sat on my porch in Hunter's Oak
And toasted marshmallows
In the blushed December night.
The heat stood stock straight,
Daring me with childish eyes
To challenge it, to defeat it,
Go beyond the end of the road
And relish in the blazing.
I took to my Tesco's lunch bag,
Dug out my sandwiches,
Watched them go up in smoke
Like my five year old dream
To be the first Astronaut from Apsley.
My office will be wreckage,
My car will be carnage,
My driveway will be liquid,
My ambitions cooked.
Modern life is rubbish
Ready for incineration,
Ready for cremation.
And that's the realization:
Joining with the burning sky
Will tear through me
Like the reducing shockwave
That kicked in my old, green door,
Pushed through all my windows,
Knocked away all the cobwebs,
Lifted all the ceilings,
And blew away stagnation,
Ten seconds after the explosion.

The Buncefield fire took place in Hemel Hempstead, England, on this day in 2005.

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  1. Very evocative

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