Carrie Fisher
The agony of a princess
 Led to her despair.
  She couldn't see the point.
   Pain left her threadbare.
    The slump that never ended
     Pushed her in the ditch.
      From doldrums in stagnation
       Crawled an irritating itch.
        She habitually scratched
         For pleasure and relief,
          Delighted and empowered
           Birthing blesséd grief.
          The joy of daily drinking
         Pleased her in her stupors.
        Content with happy sadness,
       Storms of laughing troopers.
      A golden gem of crisis:
     Wretched woe on every day.
    Each nightmare living daily
   Haunting her dismay.
  In sadness never seen
Was born our joyful Queen.

Carrie Fisher, American actress and author, died today in 2016.

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