Rob Roy MacGregor
Ode to Outlaw MacGregor

When the weapons were rust for poor Argyll
  Glen Shira gained MacGregor's clan.
Supporting Seaforth at the Glen Shiel trial
  They say he was sliced amid the van. 
But Rob only dwelt in that Glen awhile
  Loch Doine and fair Breas became his home.
    He herded cattle across blushed heather
Where Sun meets sky on grounds fertile
  Balquhidder bloomed amidst mountain's proud dome
    MacGregor's head branded smooth 'pon their leather.

As fortune glittered in hoof, horn and hide
  MacGregor invested to further his number.
What borrowed gold yields can also divide
  And MacGregor was robbed as he did slumber.
His funds stole away along with his cattle
  He plead to his landlord for time to recoup
    And seek out the villain who wronged his clan.
Turned out from home and forced into battle
  He gathered his rag-tag clan outlaw troop
    To plunder the lands of his ex-kinsman.

So Rob Roy, the robber, wreaked havoc on Montrose,
  Laying waste to his lands, his cattle and grains. 
Turning to mud his name and his meadows
  Montrose caught MacGregor and clapped him in chains.
For years he did languish, imprisoned, alone.
  Night and day did he pray for his freedom anew,
    Private lives of his clan, a room with a view.
Montrose did repent, gave his freedom to atone
  And MacGregor went home to his wife and withdrew
    And died a free man where the fresh heather grew.

Rob Roy MacGregor, Scottish outlaw and folk hero, died today in 1734.

Dame Maggie Smith, English actress, was born today in 1934.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Very cool. My 10x GG was John David (Chief Henry) MacGregor who led the Greggor clan out of Scotland to Ireland at the bequest of King James I.

    1. Jeanne says:

      Doing genealogy searches at the moment.. just recently uncovered lots of interesting stuff.

  2. Tim Onayemi says:

    ‘Rob Roy’ is a historical novel by Sir Walter Alva Scott I found entertaining and educative. There are so many more nice adjectives to use. So this post has my good wishes. Excellent.

  3. I’ve been reading your poetry, love it! You should publish it all in a book!

    1. Thanks.

      I have self-published two collections. I will be publishing all the poems from the last year in a new collection in the next couple of months.

      Please check the publications page on the site.



      1. That’s wonderful!!🌸🌸

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