Thomas Hardy
In this agreement of terms I hereby give notice:
I will leave.

Leave behind me my days.
Days that still fascinate the Doctors and Priests
Chasing me through summer barley
With red eyes, cheeks, and books.

Leave behind me my old form.
A form that was shaped with the sharp words
Of parents, grandparents, critics and cynics,
Into that old husk I shed, now outgrown.

Leave behind me the breadcrumbs of memories.
Follow them, follow, please, and feast.
They are all I have left to tempt you into coming.
Coming with me on the journey beyond tomorrow.

Arthur Scargill, English trade unionist, was born today in 1938.

Thomas Hardy, English novelist and poet, died today in 1928.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the Hardy work and the dates. 😊

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