Dame Agatha Christie
a love that hurts they say    a love bite    a love bird     a love life of the rich and famous    a salty love shooting from the end of a weapon      a modern love brooding in a bush warbling lovely love songs      a powered-up love game of pubescent boys and girls demanding some action     a fumbling experiment     an ache so deep     so long      so so      an aging that only weakens and love dies with a dagger in its heart      a perseverance of superglue to stick the bits back together      a rejection of the mustachioed detective whose little grey cells will not be needed to solve this sweet little mystery      a whodunit where no one really died even though it felt like murder         a murder though it was         a small hunk of love truly died that day      a notional traipse      a foolish whim thinking love could be revived      a new routine affair quickly swept left     a little less sweaty     a trend fading a little quicker     an eventuality that day     a gent chattering in rented morning suit       a lady quivering in borrowed virginal white     an alter to vow to eternity     a love sick after thought        a tragedy finding no instructions     an excruciating few hours roiled in tantric love making      a crucible of creation       a forging of the greatest of gifts they could exchange       a bearing of reassembled heart-shaped pieces       a final delivery of love in painful passing        a deepest love       unlocked when locking eyes with a purest joy 

David Mitchell, English novelist, was born today in 1969.

Dame Agatha Christie, English writer, famous for her characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, died today in 1976.

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