Eddie Van Halen
Sonnet III

Cradle rockers, pebble dashed and rocky,
Climbing mountains, vaulting them and dropping.
Breaking down in clearings, without stopping,
Seeking deadbeat sessions near Milwaukee.
Empty pool halls wringing with depression, 
Kicking heelers, wheeling fortune's framework
Clanking, chirping, volumes churning clockwork,
Power focused feeling fuel obsession.
Only one on twilit journey whining
Fostered rapid whitened skin and blisters
Blocking sights and sound out from the shining
Fearful tainted moments with his sisters.
Those days they spent in shared retreating fear
Have haunted them down splinted paths unclear.

Paul Newman, American actor, film director, producer and businessman, was born today in 1925.

Eddie Van Halen, Dutch-American musician, songwriter and producer, was born today in 1955.

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