At the back an old, sly aristocrat Egyptian pussycat sat.
In quietus did he sit, hiding from all the crimes he used to commit.
He wasn't much to look at. Often he splat, fell flat, coughed and spat,
And as he coughed he did transmit 
    A very sad, half-chewed blue tit.

And that blue tit did sit then flit from tit-for-tat upon a bit
Half-chewed by a fat fruit bat hanging from an old black hard hat
That sat askew upon the head of a noisome shrew misfit.

Looking mad, the blue tit pecked a bad bit of bat
Just below his would-be arm-pit which made him quit and admit 
It was that sly Egyptian pussycat plopping upon the mat a pat.
And, as if to submit, he coughed again and did emit 
    Upon that mat a great big, brown and stinking shit.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer of the classical period, was born today in 1756.

Lewis Carroll, English writer, was born today in 1832.

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  1. allenrizzi Avatar

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch Wolferl

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