Johnny Cash
I'll prove to you, man in black,
The clouds above are black as sack;
Black as night, black as hell;
Black as earthy coal, as well;

Black as all the suits you own;
Black as Satan's crooked throne;
Black as swans from distant lands;
Black as murder's guilty hands;

Black as fear, recoiled from all;
Black as lust, in wanton thrall;
Black as greed, devouring dross;
Black as sloth, reclined across;

Black as hate, attacking foe;
Black as wrath's blood stains on snow;
Black as spoils from orgy's spree;
Black as my envious eyes for thee.

Christopher Marlowe, English playwright and poet, was born today in 1564.

Victor Hugo, French poet, novelist and dramatist, was born today in 1802.

Johnny Cash, American singer and songwriter, was born today in 1932.

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