Baron Ashdown
The orange peel fixed in the sky
Could be burning.

It could be lava vomiting from
A new volcano.

It could be shepherd heroin,
They watch over it, rather than
Their wolf-bothered flock.

It could be vitamins
Crushed and sprinkled.

It could be watercolour
Spilt across evening.

It could be butternut squash
Smartly roasting in the pot.

It could be my carrot-cake
With candles and icing.

It could be morning
Waiting in the wings
Of tomorrow.

John Steinbeck, American author, was born today in 1902.

Paddy Ashdown, British politician, who was educated at Bedford School, was born today in 1941.

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  1. tkbrownwriter Avatar

    I like your style! Very insightful!

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