Terry Pratchett
Sonnet VII

The world I saw within my palm was glass:
A marble globe with hazel iris flame
That curled inside the endless opaque same,
Like twisted shards of gleaming, flashing brass.
My flaming eye, above, made straw of grass.
My hand closed up around my untouched claim.
The more I squeezed the more pure it became
And strangled out the green tinged watched landmass. 
A continent of bliss within my vision
Evolving over time to something new,
Refined a little more with each revision,
Defined a little better in division,
Fidelity improved on each review,
Clarified with sharpening precision.

Jack Kerouac, American novelist and poet, was born today in 1922.

Terry Pratchett, English humorist, satirist and author, died today in 2015.

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