Arthur C. Clarke
The great rectangular slab stood erect,
Rounded at the edges, 
Matt black surface perfection.
It exuded a message:

A slug, black and wrinkled,
Sat upon the juicy lettuce leaf.
It waited...

The green, hinting at freshness and virtue,
Captured the senses of a young Caterpillar.
It approached...

"Enjoy, young one, enjoy the freshness and virtue",
The Slug ooze in its slime.
They conversed...

The Caterpillar recoiled and liquefied 
At the acid touch of the sludgy Slug.
She cocooned...

The Slug smiled as the Caterpillar stiffened
But, soon she cracked and something else emerged.
She'd evolved...

The Slug slithered when she expanded her presence:
The story told here was spread there upon her new wings.

Wyatt Earp, Old western Lawman and Gambler, was born today in 1848.

Harvey Weinstein, Film producer and Sex offender, was born today in 1952.

Arthur C. Clarke, British science fiction author, died today in 2008.

One response to “Mar19”

  1. eob2 Avatar

    Tied all three into one, nice


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