Sonnet VIII

The changing seen may bring the world some ease
But also cause unbalancing insight.
As people feel the vague threat of disease
They hide away to shun the crippling blight.
So watch the Lords, as they exert their might,
And curb our freedom with their strict new laws
That aim to slow the spread of this wry plight,
Let's ensure they yield the grip of their claws.
That change can twist the meaning of the clause
And mean what once was clear is now obscure.
Be vigilant behind the truth and cause.
Be strong to make our world become secure.
The change within is seen by all without
And puts to death the clouding sense of doubt.

Ovid, Roman poet, was born today in 43 BC.

Henry IV of England, King of England from 1399 to 1413, died today in 1413.

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