Nick Frost
I've not eaten today
I decided that nothing would taste nice
Everything in the cupboard looked fine
But I just wasn't interested
I couldn't see anything
Nothing caught my eye
And I have a wandering eye
Not unlike the rest of me
I'm a wanderer through and through
I wandered up to the post office
I wandered up to the corner shop
I managed to get some food
I managed to get some milk
I put it in the fridge
And watched it go sour
I left it there so long
I could no longer pour it
It was thicker than my neck
It was thicker than a plank of wood
It was thicker than a red house brick
It was thicker than another brick in the Berlin wall
I felt like a brick
I could be used to build a wall
Probably a wall of ignorance
Or an Iron Curtain
I always thought I was well read
I read a lot of stuff
Most of it was boring
In one eye out the other
I read newspapers
I read comics
I read magazines
I read "Harry Potter"
I read "Lord of the Rings"
I read "Horrible Histories"
I read something by Virginia Woolf
And I saw a movie about her once
I wouldn't watch it again
It was shit
I watched Paul
I don't like films about Beatles
I don't like films
I prefer the television
I think that's all I need
I eat that stuff up
I'll eat it all day long
Until I'm full of it.

Virginia Woolf, English writer, died today in 1941.

Neil Kinnock, Welsh Politician, was born today in 1942.

Nick Frost, English actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer and author, was born today in 1972.

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