Borley Rectory
As croquet continued in utter decorum.
The break down and shot were observed
In disgust from the window above.
Even though no one could see this watcher,
They watched all the same.
And judged.

As dinner was taken in civilized state,
The poured white and carved beef
Are witnessed from the corner
In silent vigil and verdict.
Their ill observance and outrage
Sentenced in the shade.

As the mother, intoxicated,
Ascended the swimming stairs, 
The anger conjured
The power, the energy,
And a movement beneath her
And sagacity sang.

Sister smiled in the shadow
As her new spirit was claimed
When mother clattered down
Those stone steps to station
In death at the foot of her
Arrogance, her wickedness.

Her habit flowed as she
Shamed the astral mother,
The newest spectral addition
Kept by the judge, jury and
Spiritual executioner
Of the old rectory.

Harry Price, British psychic researcher, paranormal investigator and author, who famously investigated Borley Rectory, in Essex, died today in 1948.

One response to “Mar29”

  1. eob2 Avatar

    I’ve never heard of him, he must have been/is a spirited fellow. I’ll have to investigate this affair.

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