Phillip Schofield
We stood for two hours
    and watched 
        the grey paint dry.
We sat in silence, waiting,
    as our cracked hearts 
        only pumped every other beat.
We washed our hands
    in tepid water, 
        which cooled tragically.
In the dimming fall into evening, 
    we became invisible in 
        our fuzzy grey jumpers.
The door knob tarnished quickly
    and we just couldn't find any energy 
        to get the Brasso out.
We nodded slowly, over and over,
    until it became our normal movement 
        for any acceptance.
Like this poem,
    we just couldn't find any 
        purpose or intent.
So, what to do?
    In the first spark, we all agreed 
        a warm, flat beer may help.

Charles Wells, English brewer, died today in 1914.

Phillip Schofield, English Television presenter, was born today in 1962.

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