Hans Christian Andersen
The Little Autistic Mermaid

I just couldn't look her in the eye
Even as she curled upon the rock, rocking.
She slowly flipped her tail
Aware of her nakedness.

The first sight of her made me clench
And I devoured another morsel,
Even though I was not hungry,
Even though I was not willing.

I couldn't recall her shape
Even though she was still right there.
I could no longer speak
It was as if I never knew how.

I flicked another bogie.
I rolled it in my fingers
And lined it up neatly
With all the other I'd picked.

I saw that she saw me
But I needed to remain.
On track, on track, on track.
I wouldn't change direction.

Later, back at the home,
The old man asked me if I saw her,
But I wasn't sure,
Who I was...

Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author, was born today in 1805.

World Autism Awareness Day occurs today annually.

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  1. ivor20 says:

    A fantastic poem, thank you for the share Nathan…. my niece has autism

  2. eob2 says:

    You always capture those you celebrate so well.

  3. I worked with autistic adults one summer to teach them about how writing poetry could help them speak out on their loneliness. It was one of the most fulfilling events of my life as an educator and simply as a human being. I think I learned more from them. Thanks for your poem. Thanks for stopping by Poemattic.

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