Marlon Brando
three days in the valley...
could i meet the others there?
i would not have to face each face
i would not reach over the breach.
at the entrance i saw a gate
& it swung both ways
i could go in & i could go out
from a certain point of view.

two days in the valley...
could i meet anyone here?
i mustered the strength
i mustered something
at the doorway i saw the opening
& i could not force it
i could not enter or leave
from any point of view

one day in the valley...
would anyone meet here?
i will wait for the others
i will wait for anyone
i will throw open the doors
let them stand ajar
i will let them come and go
for any point or view.

Marlon Brando, American film actor and director, was born today in 1924.

Graham Greene, English novelist, was died today in 1991.

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    Unforgotten – Both..

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