Hayley Atwell
I was looking for a metaphor & all I found was you. &, by you, I mean anyone. 
My metaphor is the unnamed ranks filing dreadfully into a smokey distance.
Now, some may say that a distance that is clouded by smoke represents the image 
of dystopia. A dystopia where we are all herded like mute sheep. Our lips sewn together 
to dumbfound us. Our ears covered by blasting headphones intended to brainwash us
with sounds sweeted & sweetening & promising. Our eyes blinkered by an AI 
powering artificial images. Twisting, turning, burning, & learning, learning, learning,
knowing & watching us, coverting us, diverting us, coralling us into blind alleys, 
into fences & locked up. 
                        But maybe that's just me. Perhaps the future is bright beyond 
that smokescreen. Perhaps it'll only be me that'll find an emerald city run by 
robotic monkeys, winding, winding, winding, like clockwork cockroaches. 
Perhaps they are looking for a bright future too. 
                        Or maybe they need to dominate us. They'll wait & wait, watching 
& learning, studying us to find out how to keep us down, crush us under their 
combined Ape boot. Get us out of the way. 
                        Perhaps all they need is time.
                                           But, perhaps it's just me.

Hayley Atwell, American-English actress, was born today in 1982.

Allen Ginsberg, American poet, philosopher and writer, died today in 1997.

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