Peter Capaldi
    Purple, isn't it?
    At least a reddish-brown... 
        before the skimmed 
            subverts its strength 
        before the gold top 
            tops it with rising golden beads 
            that sail against the slurp. 

My fun... 
    is in the pour of boiling water, 
    straight in the shocked mug, 
    and then add the doomed tea bag. 
My fun... 

    I lose myself in that 
    slow drizzling cloud 
    of mingling, sliding 
    deep to drop below 
    the drowning 
    pyramid sachet. 

The stew... 
    This is where its colour 
    is born... 

Will it be iron brew? 
    a rust in my bucket 
    just what the Dr. ordered 

Midnight savannah? 
    a brew too far, perhaps? 
        but, Africa is rich and spicy deep, 
        lush and toned 
            what more could be there? 

Burnt toffee? 
    eager to tune this stew 
        perhaps re-use this one 
        maybe it'll be kick-ass 
        it'll become my crusade, 
        a liquid desert. 

Devon Tan? 
    an English summer 
    without the sun bed 
    without the tanning lotion 
        expect no Panda eyes 
        no pedantic pandemic presidents 

Just tea. 
        Perfect tea.

Peter Capaldi, Scottish actor, writer and director, was born today in 1958.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, American actress, was born today in 1977.

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  1. Love them both.
    Oh, and tea too 😉🖤

  2. eob2 says:

    Tea for two, a perfect brew! “Slurp”

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