The leaf! 
Sacked just in time. 
Bitter blends that yield 
from the flushing tips 
that familiar favour. 

Mashed, smashed and balanced, 
maybe ever so slightly tippled, 
but tastefully prepared, 
observantly compliant 
to ISO3103 (audited numerous times). 

Breathing spring tea. Scoop 
Whisks to bowl, from caddy mixed, 
The clothed creation. 

Ahh, tea! 
A steaming cup, 
A fast forward feeling, 
A returned quench, 
An appoint slot, bowing, 
A builder's bolstered brew, 
Chuffing off to Yorkshire.

According to legend, Romulus founded Rome on this day in 753BC.

National Tea Day is observed in the United Kingdom.

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  1. eob2 says:

    No cream or sugar in mine, cup’s straight up, thank you! 🙂 🍵

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