Fashion Revolution Day
She loves clothes 
 but never gets 
  to wear them 
    out these days. 

     They still hang 
      deep in denial 
       deep in recession 
        in black hole chaos. 

         They are castaways
          searching for Friday
           longing for sailing ship 
            spotlight sun to light them. 

             And then she'll strut
              the catwalks on the 
               glossy front-pages in her 
                dreams of endless Saturdays.

Daniel Defoe, English trader, writer, journalist and spy, died today in 1731.

Fashion Revolution Day is observed today.

2 responses to “Apr24”

  1. ruhland99 Avatar

    1731 – Robinson Crusoe.. ?? ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. eob2 Avatar

    Hanging with the layout of this one. 🙂


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