Fumbling from the dark, Larkin-like,
I squint at the flickering
framed by the fidgeting curtains:
An omen? A lone wolf silhouetted
against a blood moon.

The wild west wind creaks me
like an unsecured door
And I let go.
It bursts me open
and I am unhinged.

Further on, the howling bluster
scrapes together the brave clouds
from beyond the heart of horizons,
Rolls them, curls them, like my cruel lip,
Into a feral growl.

I cling to my bed frame,
but it wants to come too.
All the way over the clever surge,
the squall lightning, the up-draft,
the thunderous funnel-cloud twisting.

And, it dumps me,
my heels clicking desperately,
all the way down,
far beyond
the end of the rainbow.

Ella Fitzgerald, American jazz singer, was born today in 1917.

Albert King, American blues guitarist and singer, was born today in 1923.

Fish, English singer, songwriter and actor, was born today in 1958.

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