Count Basie
Education didn't work,
I was always a lost cause.
like the shepherd-less flock,

I needed love,
but when it came 
survival instinct kicked in
and I managed to evade it,

resist it.
I became feral
was raised by wolves
in the drum 'n' bass streets
with a soundtrack of balloons, 

baggies or teenths. 
Leave me to my own 
devices. I'll be fine, as 
I always have been. And,
what's more, I always will be.

Ms. Dynamite, English rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer, was born today in 1981.

Count Basie, American Jazz pianist, organist, bandleader and composer, died today in 1984.

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  1. Love this one.
    That third verse is a masterpiece

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