Mumtaz Mahal
Sonnet XII 

I would assault the night and break the dawn; 
I would capture the Sun to keep its shine; 
I would accede as sacrificial pawn; 
I would redefine the Gods' grand design; 
I would force the wind to change direction; 
I would repulse the unrelenting sea; 
I would fill the void with your reflection 
To mean to you, what you'll always mean to me? 
No man can outflank the legion of death 
Even if I send in my best brigade. 
I'd stand with them and fight to my last breath 
If I could ensure your light would not fade. 
Love will fit in seventeen hectares squared, 
Testament to the meaning that we shared.

Mumtaz Mahal, Empress consort of the Mughal Empire, was born today in 1593.

Jenna Coleman, English Actress, was born today in 1986.

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