Catherine the Great
My World

When I was 26 my world 
Was 24,000 miles around. 
Just before I turned 39 my world was 
Only 21 inches long 
And I could circumnavigate 
It with my arms. 

My world has pleading brown eyes 
And I trawled the backstreets 
And sand driven cross roads 
For each type, shape and texture 
Of teat to satisfy the open needs of
My world's perfect mouth. 

My world has my nose and I 
Wake each morning to the sound of 
Tooth brushing moans, knotted hair 
Complaints, lip balm demands 
And chocolate chip cookie breakfasts, 
All ready for my world's most boring day ever. 

Now I'm 46 at a stretch my world 
Can turn on the bathroom light, 
Play football with the big boys, 
Be a silent ninja master, 
Swim and dive like a super-mer-pup, 
And make a glitter messy my world face. 

My world is running around 
In the playground, 
Trailing the trim-trail, 
Running the race to end all races 
While smiling with her Smiggle-lunchbox, 
All for the runner-up in my world's world.

Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, was born on this day in 1729.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, British Princess, was born today in 2015.

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    Good morning. 🙂
    Many thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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