Layla Zana
Dave Brubeck fucked me up. 
He just sat there and let me do it. 
He knew I couldn't play the piano, 
But, he just watched me and laughed. 

He was thrown in jail on the road, 
They egged him on, inflated his cool. 
They all thought he was a swinger, 
But he wanted to change the world. 

The beat went down like an event horizon,
They sucked the copy right out of him. 
They'll hang him in his home town
Then howl on the road again.

Layla Zana, Kurdish politician, imprisoned in Turkey for 10 years for her political activism, was born today in 1961.

Mona Siddiqui, British academic, was born today in 1963.

World Press Freedom Day is observed annually on this day.

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  1. Excellent poem. It feels like a tornado went through my mind, awesome.

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