May the 4th be with you
I always knew I was possible. 
I nursed a conflict, 
as if all movement 
were an act of resistance 
and the friction burned 
like a snuffed candle, 
a quenched blaze. 
I reached out for 
that sullen promise, 
that moody luminosity, 
that outlines my twilit, 
shining aura. 
It's there: the Force. 
I can hear it! 
I can hear them!
They are the tension 
twisting through 
the radiant shadows, 
calling though 
from the living dusky 
glare blinding me 
to a vision, 
to my vision 
of this, of then, 
of if and when.

Today is Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you!

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