Howard Carter
Hail to the Witch!

I just can't trust the broadcasting companies.
I can confirm they will absolutely put profit 
above the wellbeing of others. 
Seizing on it and pigeonholing them 
had no effect whatsoever. 

I probably must be crazy, because I love it! 
Please bring donuts because I'm in on this one. 
I'll be rocking no sleeves 
and a handlebar mustache - 
probably be embarrassing - 

to list the current members.
It seems stupid only gets stupider 
And I only got into heavy metal simply 
as an excuse to grow my hair and, of course, 
instill insanity into the English mind. 

This is a trick... to put me from my suit... 
It's safe to laugh at the stupidity of this. 
It's not safe to daub my front door with red crosses! 
Because then the neighbours will paint their doors
and fences with bigger red crosses.

J. M. Barrie, Scottish novelist and playwright, known as the creator of Peter Pan, was born today in 1860.

Howard Carter, English archaeologist and Egyptologist, who discovered the intact tomb of Tutankhamun, was born today in 1874.

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