Paul Nash – Battle of Britain
       Plumping up its columning clouds
stunted to pastel table tops puffed out,
punctured by the throes of war.

Afternoon shows of aerobatic desperation
for drop mouthed kids kicking heels in time with
the stuttering reactions of battle,

They parked themselves upon home farm gates
flung open at the daily siren signal for
inbound action scrawled across the August sky.

Apples, milk and biased commentating clash about
the overhead impacts, twisting to shuddering,
raucous victory cries at the terminal concussion.

Bring a penny for the passing and flags for the Home
Guard as warning to Gerry, then we'll set Union Jack
bunting on the eaves to keep a secret Hitler in our home
and keep our England eternal in the clouds.

A copy of the Diamond Sutra, the oldest printed book, was first printed today in China in 868 AD.

Paul Nash, British surreal and war painter, was born today in 1889.

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