B. B. King
The May afternoon padded 
slowly across my lawn,
playfully stalking
the unwary evening.

From across the dog 
walker's jungle
the blare of a horn 
rudely interrupted
the clatter of it's 
northbound express
to implicate me 
in my ambivalence.

Hands up!
I've been called out.
The Sun scratched me with it.
The passing train and all 
the pointing passengers
accused me of it.

I dally upon the stair,
counting specks of dust
clung to the haunting cobwebs 
strung across the landing,
chase my tail, 
playfully putting it off.

I think another sudoku 
could be in order,
but magnificent logic 
offends me to 
confront myself 
in the bathroom 

Despite trying to con 
myself otherwise
I spot the misting denial 
behind my eyes,
the sparkle has gone, 
my corneas are matt
and my cheeks are a desert.

The exit is calling me,
The door yawns,
awakening nagging,
pointing fingers
and they twist in the air,
lengthening and thickening
into black iron bars:
I have no exit now,
only the cell block
in my mind.

Sidney Bechet, American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist and composer, was born today in 1897 and died today in 1959.

Frank Sinatra, American singer and actor, died today in 1998.

B. B. King, American singer-songwriter and blues guitarist, died today in 2015.

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  1. I met Mr. King at the Fox Theater in Atlanta in the 80’s. Was dating a DJ who got backstage passes.

    The DJ turned out to be gay and the only reason he invited me was because I was willing to drive from Savannah for the show.

    It was worth it. He was the consummate artist and very gracious.

    That’s a 30 seconds I won’t forget.

  2. Excellent poem. Thank you too for the interesting dates on the greats. Sad especially about BBKing

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