Birthday Blues

I got a balloon, 
and another nail, 
a brand new wrinkle, 
an extra pain, 

a very bad back, 
and a pretty card, 
a kiss on the cheek, 
a walk in the park, 

a glimpse at the river, 
a smile and a wink, 
the sun through the clouds, 
and plenty of drinks 

a pair of headphones 
for Radiohead, 
a call from my mother 
to push me over the edge 

a fancy dinner 
with foreign beer, 
of all my fears, 

another year 
lost to the past, 
I always think 
this'll be my last.

Daphne du Maurier, English author and playwright, was born today in 1907.

Harvey Keitel, American actor and producer, was born today in 1939.

Tim Pigott-Smith, English actor, was born today in 1946.

Stevie Wonder, American singer, songwriter, musician and producer, was born today in 1950.

Stephen Colbert, American comedian and television host, was born today in 1964.

Alison Goldfrapp, English musician and record producer, was born today in 1966.

Buckethead, American musician, was born today in 1970.

I was born today in 1974.

Samantha Morton, English actor and director, was born today in 1977.

Robert Pattinson, English actor, vampire and Batman, was born today in 1986.

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  1. muttado1sb says:

    Happy belated birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

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