Grace Elliott
Until they Understand

Scattering feet scatter cats and pigeons emphatically,
beating away all obstacles on their mission to his house.
The boys hang off the bell until his Mum appears cursing,
until she deciphers the cacophony of their story lines
and then picks out her missing son, now safe in my home
where he will stay until they understand.

Shattering glass shatters the crowd of young criers,
his mother's charge gathering up her mobile.
Ten full minutes full of pacing the kitchen route
lets the Police arrive, set up a base,
and gather the rowdy kids for statements about
when I took him away until they understand.

Chattering kids chatter the tale of their call
at the door to call him to play as his Dad relinquished
him to the park for ten minutes with the gang.
But, as soon as he arrived his eyes explored the
fringe of the playground following after unseen
feet when he joined me at my home until they understand.

Tattering grounds tattered with exchanged knowing looks
when the officers pound their way to the red door
just down from the swings and roundabout.
Pounded down, the door exposes the chilled vacant home
to the onset of stamping boots who find the boy
unscathed in my empty room waiting until they understand.

Mattering to me matters to heal the purpling welts on his arms
that line up with his Dad's grasping invasion. They huddle him
back to his Mother and then drag his old man off for testing and time.
And I will see him play, relieved of the weight I bore before
My old man offed me in my room to haunt evermore those endangered
by those they think they trust until they understand.

Grace Elliott, Scottish courtesan, writer and spy, died today in 1823.

Liberace, American pianist, singer and actor, was born today in 1919.

Jim Henson, American puppeteer, animator, cartoonist, actor, inventor and screenwriter, died today in 1990.

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