Edward Jenner
Driving through the Heart of England

Twitter these humble rustic scenes:
Diving fielders on village greens.
Buttered scones, cream and jam
Neatly snapped on Instagram.

Google: "Rolling heart of England",
Find brassy housewives, eternally aproned.
See wooden gates and dry stone walls
Delivered quickly from Amazon stalls.

Arching bridge over snaking brook
Downloaded to my trusty Nook.
Cow parsley flowers by the lane
Shared with my WhatsApp group again.

A cold pint of beer with hearty pub grub
Packaged, uploaded in source to github.
Ice cream and fresh Pimm's on festival lawn
Posted to reddit in tasty GIF form.

A Morgan takes the bend at speed
Swiftly circulated on Facebook feed.
With tech buttressing towering spires
All we need now are roaring spitfires.

Edward Jenner, English physician and pioneer of vaccination, was born today in 1749.

John Deere, American blacksmith and businessman, died today in 1886.

Today’s poem is taken from “None Sense”

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  1. eob2 says:

    Nice one I really liked it, a different type of obsessive /addictive behavior 🤨

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