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So long, old pal,
                   who stood by us through
                                        the longest winters.
We remember your holler,
                   your bravado,
                                        your cowboy dust,
and despite the
                   perceived bad will,
                                        we love you still.
I know you didn't like
                   giving or
                                        receiving a hug,
but, we couldn't just
                   stand there watching you
                                        bathe in your own sewer:
you always thought
                  your crooked home
                                        was far nicer than ours.
In the end you
                  mistook our concern
                                        for jealousy and hatred,
                  and built your wall.
But we were never as
                                        entitled as you,
as you consumed
                  your Chlorinated chicken
                                        and your cheese,
and swiftly ate your way
                 into the grave,
                                        trying all the way
to make yourself,
                 to keep yourself,
                                        once again, Great.

Sammy David Sr., American singer and dancer, died today in 1988.

Spencer Clark, American racing driver, died today in 2006.

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