Friday Feeling

Behind me a mouse clicks away, each press more affably
pressing. The sour stink of the sweat from my slippers
hovers and I feel like that efficient spider reweaving
its web again after the wind tenderly destroyed it.

The sky is blue, as blue as me, and an ace big bird wheels
out on a rising thermal. My yawn is politely drown out by the
clatter of the washing machine, mysteriously rolling and
shaking, like my working week and the stench of my roll on.

As the afternoon ponders on and an elixir of daring shadows
whimsically flood the ornate peacock lampshade my nose adeptly
gripes about the stingily pleasant punch of salt and vinegar
crisps. Lunch plates rattle and my day oozes down the drain.

The day and week draw to a close and I stare at the
pile of brushes, sandpaper and paint that dreamily stare back.
A qualified cat, lounging in the Sun, goads me with its liberty
while the breeze launches amorous blossom and children laugh in play.

The waving trees cordially wave at me. Away in the kitchen my
wife and daughter struggle to polish her grammar. But motivation
adorns me with a soppy, ornate mask and I'm gifted a waft of
angry disinfectant trying to persuade me: dodge the plague.

Richard Wagner, German composer, theatre director and conductor, was born today in 1813.

Hergé, Belgian cartoonist, who famously created the character Tintin, was born today in 1907.

Laurence Olivier, English actor and director, was born today in 1907.

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