Harold Hitchcock’s Sunrise on Cythera
I lived an exposed life
in the open ocean, but
did not live until I
happened upon that resilient

bay. Those sheer, leaning
cliffs, veiled in keen,
verdant leaf, bequeathed
to me a confetti shower

of pink to peach blossom,
and cloistered gleaming
marble verandas and spiraling
pastel temples sacred to

smiling Gods of full grape,
joyous dance and delerious
revelry, for dedicated fey
folk ensconced within the

valley of peace who finally
snipped away the plastic
shackles of distant humanity
fringed on their exposed existence.

Harold Hitchcock, English visionary landscape artist, was born today in 1914.

Jewel, American singer-songwriter, musician, producer, actress, author and poet, was born today in 1974.

Today is World Turtle Day!

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