Charles the Bald
Modern Life is Rubbish VIII

Death is the great equaliser.
In the ground we are all dust and rocks
And worms can eat our brains.

Forgiveness is the splatter of brain matter
Against the wall, the twelve gauge still
Smoking in the still warm, twitching dead hands.

Grief is the gentle sniff and muffled sob,
The swaying groups locked together,
Shackled in the shared momentary misery.

Indifference is the instant smile and laugh
In the car after, the groups now ready for the wake,
Needing only whiskey breath and depravity.

Modern life is the switching of lanes,
The pursuit of selfish gains at the expense
Of those left behind because they care about those that don't.

But, death is the great equaliser.
Like a righteous Robert McCall,
It'll grind us all to earthbound muck.

Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor, was born today in 823.

Charles the Fat, Holy Roman Emperor, was born today in 839.

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