World Refugee Day
Same Old Poison

Old people are neatly sinning again.
They get down on their battered mats and pray,
They know their time is too short and in vain,
And idle hands make them cold, stale and grey.

They moan about other foreign peoples…
"In France they cook pancakes by frying clay",
"The Spanish push young bulls from tall steeples",
"The Germans still hate all the Jews, anyway…"

Idle tongues stained by crude, ugly chatter
Plot a wreckless course for darker debate.
They chew over the taboo subject matter,
Conclude: no one should ever procreate.

The blind leading the blind off a high cliff
Doesn't help the young man's lofty adventures.
He's too busy toking on his fat spliff
To notice their ceaseless clicking dentures.

So, new plots are slowly stewed and thickened
In God's own waiting rooms around the land.
Demented brains, truly vile and sickened,
Bring global genocide closer to hand.

Brian Wilson, American singer, musician, songwriter and record producer, who founded the Beach Boys, was born today in 1942.

World Refugee Day is observed today.

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  1. Shanyu says:

    This is wonderful. So strong! I totally agree with you.

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