The Fertile Crescent
We often walk together down from Stevington
to where the river is split at the weir head.
The shallower of the two flows falls 
into dappled Sun, shielded by the lines 
of bristling Beech and the congenial waving 
of Willows that keeps it special, beyond the 
wide pool. 
                   This stretch hosts two small 
islands, the lower one of which, is cut 
through by the road, bridged by the ancient 
grey stone arches, guiding travellers 
over to where the welcoming glow of 
Church awaits. 
                            But, the river is all too 
happy to show off its special collection.
And, this is where it's beauty truly lies,
for, harboured by the high banks, among the
Water violets, Pillwort and Bulrushes,
are the brightly discoloured wrappers
from the sweet shop or supermarket,
casually gifted to the wind for distribution.
The gilded glitter of tattered Coke cans,
once bright red, but now faded by the Sun,
rain and rushing water, take nothing
from the shine of sweet Aluminum.
But the jewel in this crown is the plastic
bottles, fretted humbly into the river's shining
curls, assured of safe passage to the ocean
where these cute canisters of containment
can finally come to rest in the gut 
of the greatest gift.   

Leonhard Rauwolf, German physician and botanist, was born today in 1535.

Donald C. Peattie, American botanist, naturalist and author, was born today in 1898.

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