The Globe Theatre
Ghost Driver

I let a ghost
drive my body last night.
Let it peer over
my steering wheel.

It drove me to the disco,
made shapes with my body
that it wasn't supposed
to make.

It reversed me into line,
fishtailed through the mall,
donutted around the cinema
and crashed me into the river.

There, it drown me in the weir pool,
the brown sludge settling in my lungs.
Now, I'm the ghost, and
I'm hitching for a ride home.

The Globe Theatre burnt to the ground, today in 1613.

Steve Ditko, American comic book artist, died today in 2018.

5 responses to “Jun29”

  1. vaticanhotline Avatar

    Is the drowning in the pool of the last stanza a reference to “The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism”?


    1. Nathan Cocker Avatar

      I see your point. The brown sludge is really any kind of abuse. Sometime we can be persuaded to do things that people shouldn’t do. Like go to the beach, go to a party, meet other people… the brown sludge is COVID-19….


      1. vaticanhotline Avatar

        That’s really interesting, thanks for your answer.


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