a pixel fly
a window pane

a rippling aurora
skews sights
wrapping the tin
of a car
like a halo

chattering crumbs
cluster over one another
like waves of sticky
beetle limbs
flustering to avoid
contact with the
flaming sun

an august cyclops rose
bows baronially
under the weight
of its petal ruff
and blood sparkling
thorn cuff

a clock's flamboyant
hands chase one another
around its flat face
in time with the ticking

above a crabbing plane
seems to want to dive bomb
its stuka shark jaw slavering grimace
could pirouette plummet
into my x-marks-the-spot roof
wipe me out, wipe me out
like an error on a whiteboard
with your little finger
during a lecture about

wipe me out,
like the black head spot I am,
then pop me like a zit then
smear my remains
across the mirror
like a squashed fly,
like a hugging aurora,
like the crumbing crumbs,
like a nosing rose,
like a flattening air crash,
so you can admire
your yellowing
toothy smug grin

John Gay, English poet and dramatist, was born today in 1685.

The Tunguska event, a large explosion, generally attributed to the air burst of a meteor, occurred today in 1908.

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  1. exoticnita54 says:

    A really nice poem

    Some of it is so graphic and takes you to visualize with the poet

  2. exoticnita54 says:

    Please try to read that last blog of mine even though it might be a little lengthy and give me your true honest review

    Would be very much appreciated

  3. Truly wonderful

  4. I love the imagery in your poem, especially the clock description. Such wonderful writing.

  5. Awesome poem even if it is gross in places.:-) Very visual. The fly(?) photo is super cool, too!

  6. johnlmalone says:

    Wow !!!!

    1. Thanks


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