Fulke Greville
The Dive 

The symmetry of faces deeply split
Across the divided arena crowd
Who rise and fall as one entranced unit
With barking observations cried aloud.
With one full foot of clear air between them
He tumbles down hard, drawing desperate cries.
Half explode in fits of cursing and phlegm
The other half laugh as the injured man dies.
Out comes a card, the offender chastised
And up pops the reincarnated aggrieved.
He shakes off his limb, now unpulverized,
And winks at the player his actions deceived.
All this from a sportsman, part of his shame,
This beautiful game will not be the same.

Fulke Greville, English Elizabethan poet, dramatist and statesman, was born today in 1554.

Zlatan Ibrahimović, Swedish footballer, was born on this day in 1981.

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