Janis Joplin
Oh Lord, won't you buy me a BMW...
I say buy, but I really mean "gift me",
Because I want to claim the tax back, if possible.
My knees are hurting, God.
I've been down on them for fourteen hours,
(I've been counting),
And still I only have
An empty driveway
To show for it.
I've seen a really nice one
In a film. A neatly dressed man
Is driven in one,
By an uniformed chap
Up to a French man's farm.
He gets out looking for Jews
And finds one billowing
Across a field in escape,
Like a cotton sheet
Flapping on a line
In a hurricane,
Sailing to freedom.
I can't remember the film,
But I remember that car.
Oh, how it shone,
Like a Howitzer
Polished by spit and sweat,
Each notch in the barrell
Reminiscent of the life
It smudged out of time and space.
Like that neatly dress man,
Who smudged the life out of
A gorgeous blonde on the floor
Of a cheap cinema
As he let the Führer die,
That car was ein meisterstück.

Christoph Waltz, German-Austrian actor and director, was born today in 1956.

Janis Joplin, American singer-songwriter, died today in 1970.

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